Property Owners, Body Corporates, Investors, Commercial and Retail, and Letting Agents

Smart water and electricity meters are fast becoming a necessity in Mauritius.

It’s vital to keep a close eye on electrical and water usage in both commercial and residential properties, as losses and lack of proper management can cripple your business.

A smart meter installation in your retail outlet, rental property, or sectional title scheme reduces your risk drastically. Property owners across the country view a smart meter as an investment and an asset. We are able to provide you with the tools and transparency you need via our online platforms and mobile web applications to better manage your utilities from leak detection notifications to hourly consumption and billing.

With water and electricity tariffs escalating, smart meters eliminate the flood of queries from irate tenants with higher-than-usual utility bills. They can see on a day-to-day basis exactly what their usage is, and how it’s being used in their home or building.

Looking to sell Aquaelec tokens instore?

Point-of-Sale Device

Our Point-of-Sale Device is used to vend STS prepaid tokens for prepaid electricity and water. The device is placed at vending outlets, garages or any convenient place where a customer can purchase a token for their prepaid meter, water or electricity.
The device is online and has a SIM card that is connected to the Aquaelec APN, which insures the integrity of the data. These devices can be bought or hired from Aquaelec.  Simply contact our team for more info.