Our Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I go away and I run out of electricity?

We suggest that if you are going away for a short period i.e. a month or less, that you make sure that you have recharged your meter with enough electricity to last this amount of time (bare in mind your average consumption for this period) For longer periods and possibly even in the case above you should make sure that everything that is not essential is turned off and unplugged, thus minimising any usage.

You will still need to ensure that you have sufficient electricity to keep your meter going for anything that you can’t turn off (e.g. alarm, gate, pool etc) We suggest that you have a friend or family member check your property once a week as this is the best way to ensure that your property will be safe from crime, water damage or any other disaster.

As a tenant can we insist that an owner puts in a prepaid meter?

We feel that these meters offer great advantages to both tenants and owners and that if you discuss this with your owner they will also see the advantages and will be willing to install a prepaid meter. The cost of installation is not that high the owner may be willing to pay the full cost.

Can a tenant refuse to have a prepaid meter?

If you have an existing tenant they may have reservations about the new meters. We feel that if you point out the benefits of how prepaid meters can work best for both parties they will be happy to have one installed.

What unit charge should be used when selling vouchers on to tenants?

The tenant should be billed the rate that you are paying to the council, which can vary according to the tariff structure you are on. It is therefore important to ensure that you know what rate you are paying the council. This way you will not be under or over billing.

Should I change my lease agreement if I put in pre-paid meters?

We suggest that you do and recommend that you put in the relevant clauses pertaining to the supply and consumption of electricity. (ask your lawyer or agent for advice). This is especially important if you are going to link the electricity purchases to the rental collection.

Are the prepaid meters easy to tamper with?

Any meter is easy to tamper if you know what you are doing. At Aquaelec we provide you exception reports that manages this process. It details any person that has not purchased within a prescribed number of days and it also monitors each purchase and compares this to the complex average, and if found below a prescribed percentage, the client will be flagged on a report. Tampering is thus picked up on the Aquaelec system very early.

Won’t my tenants be able to just by-pass me and get recharge vouchers from anyone that sells them?

No. Aquaelecs meters can only be recharged by vouchers supplied by Aquaelec, so there is no way a tenant can by-pass you or our system.

Are the prepaid meters expensive compared to normal meters?

No. A normal sub-meter can often cost nearly as much as our prepaid meters depending on where you buy it and who you get to install it for you. If you are at the stage where you do not already have a separate electrical board and are still going to be installing one then getting an integrated earth leakage prepaid meter can actually cost you less than buying an earth leakage and meter separately.

Who can I speak to in Aquaelec about meter orders?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com

Who are the meter manufacturers that Aquaelec use?

Aquaelec uses any meter manufacturer that carries the STS logo.

How do I change my cell phone details?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com and we can change the details on our system.

How do I change my banking details?

We request that a Change Request form be completed, as we do not take banking details over the phone. We do require supporting documents for FICA Purposes.

Mail us on: sales@aquaelec.com to get this form.

How do I buy on the internet?

You can use your username and password, provided by Aquaelec, log onto our website, select the login tab and follow the prompts. If you do not have a username and password, you can email us on sales@aquaelec.com for assistance.

Who can I talk to about reports or system problems?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com for assistance.

Who can I talk to about administration?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com

Who can I talk to about your system?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com

How can I get after hour support if I have a problem?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com

What happens if I accidentally delete my token?

A lost token can be requested by sending the following to sales@aquaelec.com

What happens if I accidentally delete my pin?

You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com

Do we have to pay a deposit?

We only take deposits from certain complexes, not all, You can email us on sales@aquaelec.com to find out if we require one from you.

What is the deposit and how much must I pay?

The deposit is to protect the Body Corporate. If there are insufficient funds in the end users account, we are able to honour the token and still send the 20 digit token and pay the Body Corporate at the end of the month. The amount that must be paid for the deposit is the maximum amount the customer would buy at one time for electricity so that if there is a RD payment, the whole amount will be recovered. If the transaction does RD then the client will be charged, 50 Rupees penalty charge and the account will be locked until such time as a deposit slip has been received by Aquaelec.